Monday, November 16, 2009

SARKEM Yogyakarta

Create ever maen or walk to Yogyakarta or Jogja, it is not complete if you have not visited Pasar Kembang (Sarkem). Is Sarkem Gift characteristic of Yogyakarta, but By-it only made man labeled "Nose Belang" little speck, too fine, we call it Tourist Domeseks .. hehhehe .. Central Flower Market is the official localization or prostitution who stood since the Dutch colonial era. I am also still confused, the State again colonized kok there is also a chance MECUN!! hehehhe ... They say this place was once the location of the disposal or storage palace concubines. Its location near Malioboro, fits in the southern part Tugu train station. Strategic location really is not it?? No wonder aja kalo Sarkem still Rame with the tourists who hooked Domeseks Domestic Meat!

Sarkem as the Center of genital Sell Buy Used it is well known from the first .. With Rp50.000-rate of 200,000, you could feel the flesh of the Interior .. hehhehe but this is the tariff rates around the year 2006an (Not That I am there often or ever y!!) Hahhaha ... Women are usually the seller "Flesh and Mini Skirt" is starting to work from 7 pm until about 3 hours of dawn (Depending on a lecture tomorrow morning Or Ga!).

So curious is not it?? So reply to Jogjakarta do not forget to stop by sarkem .. Guaranteed you gonna be taught tips are better at sex than me tips. Okey ... but kalo friends I met in there please do not tell other people, each aja yahh keep secrets .. Sapa tau Indonesia you'll see a woman who looked like Miyabi Bugil Lagi .. wakakkakk

Again Center of genital Sell Buy Used This meat is guaranteed 100% in the country and does not contain Formalin, although there is no Halalnya Label .. Good try, and if you are dissatisfied contact me, your reply was not satisfied, maybe you are greedy and never satisfied .. This paper is not from me but the real story from a credible koresponden. OK bro.....

Juve (Julia Perez) Vs Gaston

Fotho intimate jupe (Julia perez) one of artist indonesia with Gaston Castano decorate glass screen TV in Indonesia. according to Jupe statement the recognition between him (Gaston) no sepecial relationship. But see fotho under this hand. We really must say Oh my God very-very Hot.

Julia Perez had asserted about her relationship with Gaston Castano football player who joined the Argentine soccer club Persiba it only as a friend. Friendships they both just want to reduce this feeling of jealousy Damien Perez current status as husband Jupe.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Luna Maya and ariel peterpan

Although the official date has been that both Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan never appear in the intimate in public. Both were also selected be-ordinary prose. In fact, Ariel confess that he can try to cover the braided presenter Women love with the original Bali. However, Ariel felt that the love story is not too important for the community. Well now, the original owners name Nasril Ilham it also recognizes that already feel themselves klop with virgin Bali is home. But who suspected Photos fondness both knowledgeable circulating on the internet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Women's enthralling Tricks

Most men do not quite clever in terms of pay-persuasion. Actually this is not solely dependent on the 'natural talent', tempt the opponent has some kind of basis that can be learned by everyone. Here are some tips on seduce women that will bring you the man who so adored.

Physical and Verbal cue

1. Postures and positions - you communicate everything postures. You need to bend back a little weight and your chest. Take a short distance, when you speak with a woman, posisikan up not far from two feet. You do not need too close to her, but a little nearer than the usual distance in normal conversation.

Set the position is open at all times. When you're trying seduce a woman, never bersedekap or to enter a hand in pocket. If you want to try to make you see, mundurlah little, if he follows your movements, then it is a good omen.

2. Eyes met eyes, is the effective tool in the art of woo. Use your eyes to gaze full of admiration. This is quite possible to make a careful chaotic. If you pass by chance a woman would you like to goda, give stare twice in his eyes, and slowly berpindahlah. And give the smile when you want to turn your face. If he is responsive, then he will arrest you for your hint.

3. Touch can also be made. As a first, touch the shoulder or hand when you speak with. But to touch this, you must be careful not to touch something that is meant termagant or harassing. All you need to remember, not the exit lane, or even the women so resentful of you.

4. Be aggressive. Women like men-men who do not fear for anything that gets interest. When you menujukkan 'chase' with the full sense of confidence and fearless, he will begin to see you as a different form. Do not be stingy in giving praise women ... ungkapkan what you think, which is in reasonable limits.

5. Give honest expression. If you have the appropriate body language, what you say is not entirely necessary. However, try to keep the conversation alive. Topics that are not cast serious matter, not the conversation that is too deep. Do not only talk about you, but also dig things that make your opponent talking involved. Be forthright, although there, the focus on the things that make them interested. Give praise to the appearance, but not excessive. You can also merayunya saying how clever he is in something, for example, choose the appropriate color of clothing, or in a game or do anything that you know he can do. And be sure to indicate your interest in signaling the body during a conversation.

Life signaling

Do not show feeling nervous when you approach a woman, pancarkan the confidence and sure if you are able to control this situation. Show you feel comfortable and safe ... women like men who have a sense of security. Remember, a confident and secure is very enthralling. That is why most women with men who are reluctant and proud grogi. The confidence can be indicated with pins and does not talk, do not sit / stand with a nervous, stare directly into the eyes and trembling voice is not heard.

2. To make someone like you, especially women, you must always look happy, enthusiastic and happy feeling spread. When would seduce a woman, tampilah with full energy and a positive mind.

You may already have tricks for that type of bait your opponent appraiser, and hopefully give us tips that can add this trick that you have.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

indonesia celebrity

Luna maya is one artis of indonesia.

Popular Name: Luna Maya
Other Name: Luna
Original name: Luna Maya
Place of Birth: Denpasar
Date of Birth: 1983-08-28
The high: 173 cm
Zodiac: Virgo
Occupation: Model, Actress and Film Sinetron, Star Ad
Luna Maya is a stage and film sinetron Indonesia initiated a career as a catwalk model and the ad. Luna initiated his career as a model. Women who have high 173 cm this then dive into the world akting in 2004 through the 30 Day Search for Love. In the film, Barbara Luna portray characters, a beautiful girl nan section which is the idol of all men. This is the first role as a leader antagonis Luna. Successful role in Barbara, Luna again involved in the film Brownies in 2005.

Landing in the film director Hanung Bramantyo that, Luna only get a small role. Luna the first to get the role as the main character through the role of Mina in Bangsal 13 in the same year. Name Luna more bounce in Indonesia Jagat entertainment, while a role in the film Cinta Silver. Along with him mencuatnya relationship with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist group. Gossip about their relationship with Ariel more menanjakkan name Luna in the entertainment stage, because at the same time, Ariel is one of the idol of the girls in Indonesia. However, both direct proximity gosip ebb after Ariel dikabarkan menghamili another girl, Sarah Amelia, and engaged women.

After the wedding Ariel, Luna dikabarkan not yet close to other people. During his career, Luna has been headline no less than seven films, such as Brownies, Love Silver, space, Bangsal 13, Jakarta Undercover, 30 Day Search for Love, and the Message from Heaven. Some of her sinetron starring, among others, And You and I, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku, and Anggun. In 2006, Luna Maya get nominated for the Indonesian Film Festival Women's Open category of the film space. Luna is a former paramour of Fachry Albar this headline a few products such as the Lux ad, Zestea, Sarimie Bu cream and detergent.

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