Monday, November 16, 2009

SARKEM Yogyakarta

Create ever maen or walk to Yogyakarta or Jogja, it is not complete if you have not visited Pasar Kembang (Sarkem). Is Sarkem Gift characteristic of Yogyakarta, but By-it only made man labeled "Nose Belang" little speck, too fine, we call it Tourist Domeseks .. hehhehe .. Central Flower Market is the official localization or prostitution who stood since the Dutch colonial era. I am also still confused, the State again colonized kok there is also a chance MECUN!! hehehhe ... They say this place was once the location of the disposal or storage palace concubines. Its location near Malioboro, fits in the southern part Tugu train station. Strategic location really is not it?? No wonder aja kalo Sarkem still Rame with the tourists who hooked Domeseks Domestic Meat!

Sarkem as the Center of genital Sell Buy Used it is well known from the first .. With Rp50.000-rate of 200,000, you could feel the flesh of the Interior .. hehhehe but this is the tariff rates around the year 2006an (Not That I am there often or ever y!!) Hahhaha ... Women are usually the seller "Flesh and Mini Skirt" is starting to work from 7 pm until about 3 hours of dawn (Depending on a lecture tomorrow morning Or Ga!).

So curious is not it?? So reply to Jogjakarta do not forget to stop by sarkem .. Guaranteed you gonna be taught tips are better at sex than me tips. Okey ... but kalo friends I met in there please do not tell other people, each aja yahh keep secrets .. Sapa tau Indonesia you'll see a woman who looked like Miyabi Bugil Lagi .. wakakkakk

Again Center of genital Sell Buy Used This meat is guaranteed 100% in the country and does not contain Formalin, although there is no Halalnya Label .. Good try, and if you are dissatisfied contact me, your reply was not satisfied, maybe you are greedy and never satisfied .. This paper is not from me but the real story from a credible koresponden. OK bro.....

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